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Jen Boza


Jen Boza

Patient-centered support

Jen holds an extensive professional career in management, retail, and healthcare; but more importantly, she has the unique gift of helping others feel great about themselves, guiding them strategically through a graceful aging process using scientifically-backed regenerative medicine combined with complimentary therapies. She truly understands that getting older doesn’t have to mean feeling old. She has adopted a patient-centered focus with a shift to preventive and outcome based care models.

Jen, personally, has undergone a HUGE transformation in her life earning her orange belt through self-defense training from Krav Maga Worldwide; learning to care for herself in total mind, body, and spirit. She continues to stay physically fit through diet and exercise. She nurtures her mental health with balanced work and play by surrounding herself with people, activities, and meaningful projects that bring her joy. She consciously chooses to restore her positive emotional and spiritual energies by supporting our patients in achieving the best versions of themselves.

“Our psyche can have a positive or negative affect on how we view ourselves and others, so if our overall approach to healthier living is optimal, we have a better chance at a “feel good” retirement [and forever] phase.” – J. Boza


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