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PRP Specialist

RVA Regenerative Wellness

Jennylle Zanzi, FNP-C

Aesthetic Medicine, Anti-Aging & Wellness Center located in Midlothian, VA

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a regenerative treatment that uses your body’s natural cells to heal, rebuild tissues, and relieve pain. Jennylle Zanzi, FNP-C, at RVA Regenerative Wellness has years of experience using PRP to relieve painful joints, rejuvenate your skin, and treat hair loss. To learn how PRP can improve your appearance and help you regain an active, healthy life, call the office in Midlothian, Virginia, or use the online booking feature today.


What is PRP?

PRP contains two components that come from your own blood: platelets and plasma. Plasma is the liquid portion of your blood and platelets are specialized regenerative cells that circulate in your bloodstream.

To produce PRP, Jennylle draws a blood sample and processes it in a centrifuge. The centrifuge separates the blood’s components, creating concentrated platelets and plasma.

The platelet concentration is key to the results you achieve with PRP. When Jennylle injects PRP at the targeted body area, the boost in platelets improves your body’s healing ability.

How does PRP promote healing?

Your platelets contain proteins called growth factors. When platelets encounter injured tissues, they release a barrage of growth factors.

The growth factors then activate healing, regulate inflammation, trigger cellular regeneration, and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels. When you get a PRP treatment, the platelets do the same thing, naturally healing the targeted area.

RVA Regenerative Wellness further boosts your results by using their proprietary blend. They combine PRP with UltraMint, which contains additional growth factors, as well as peptides and hyaluronic acid. In many cases, patients see results in three to six months.

What problems are treated with PRP?

RVA Regenerative Wellness uses PRP to relieve joint pain, rejuvenate your skin, and restore hair loss.

Joint pain relief

Jennylle can use PRP injections on any joint in your body. Whether you have arthritis, a joint injury, or an inflammatory problem like bursitis, a PRP injection significantly accelerates healing in ligaments, tendons, muscles, and cartilage. As the joint heals, your pain subsides and joint function improves.

Facial rejuvenation

Jennylle recommends PRP to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, tighten your skin, and even out your skin tone. Your facial rejuvenation begins with microneedling.

During microneedling, she uses a handheld device that makes tiny, controlled puncture wounds in your skin. Then she applies PRP over the treated area.

The wounds let PRP get under your skin, where the platelets can stimulate collagen production and trigger other healing activities that strengthen your skin. Microneedling magnifies the effect because it also boosts collagen production.

Hair restoration

To treat hair loss, Jennylle injects PRP into bald areas on your scalp or places where the hair is thinning. As the platelets get into the hair follicles, they reactivate hair growth and slow down hair loss.

To learn more about PRP, call RVA Regenerative Wellness or schedule an appointment online today.