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Lisa Smith


Lisa Smith

Patient-centered support


Lisa has held several high-energy executive positions in the fast-paced cities of Miami and New York. She has since stepped away from corporate America to re-center her focus on what matters most. She is known for her authentic, holistic, non-judgmental teaching style and compassion-driven philosophy living it both in and out of the work space.

Lisa chooses to help others live mindfully by educating how to live a full life balanced with healthy eating and active movement. She takes joy in biking and running, and has completed 2 half marathons, several 5k and 10k races, and a couple of triathalons. She has inspired many to seek and cultivate a sense of self-awareness that drives them toward a positive change that is transformational.

Lisa uses her career experience and fitness training to prepare her patients towards the next chapter of their journey in becoming the happiest person they know. Allow her to guide you using the bioTE method of aging healthier and living happier.

“Education affects a person’s choices, confidence, and self-esteem; which can translate to better physical and mental health.” – L. Smith


RVA Regenerative Wellness
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