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5 Problems That May Be Causing Your Joint Pain

Joint pain is a common complaint among adults of all ages. But whether it’s a product of injury, inflammation, excess body weight, or age-related degeneration, you’re not doomed to live with achy joints forever. Here’s what you should know.

Oct 5th, 2022
Your Step-by-Step Guide to DHI Hair Transplantation

If you’ve decided that hair transplant surgery is the right solution for your hair loss, Direct Hair Implantation® is the most advanced method available. Here’s what you can expect each step of the way with a DHI hair transplant.

Sep 19th, 2022
How PRP is Alleviating Joint Pain and Restoring Mobility

Overuse injuries and degenerative conditions are two major causes of chronic joint pain and impaired mobility. Discover how platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy harnesses your body’s own healing mechanisms to repair your joints from the inside out.

Aug 2nd, 2022
When to Consider Hair Restoration

Hair loss is an equal-opportunity problem that affects many men and women. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with disappearing hair. Read on to learn why hair loss occurs and when hair restoration might be the right solution.

Jul 4th, 2022
Regain Your Youthful Appearance with a Hair Transplant

Are you tired of hiding bald patches, receding hairlines, or widening parts with hats, scarves, or comb-overs? You don’t have to hide your hair loss anymore. Regain your youthful appearance with a hair transplant.

Jun 15th, 2022
The road to functional medicine

Many of my patients have been asking why or how did I choose to specialize in Functional/Integrative medicine. My story is a familiar one that is, unfortunately, repeated time and again in traditional medicine.

Jul 1st, 2021
My first pelleting experience!

My first pelleting experience reveals my personal journey into the world of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy at the ripe old age of 42, and why I chose this for me, as well as for many of my patients at all different ages!

Jul 15th, 2021
Inside the Mint Spa Culture

RVA Regenerative Wellness is located inside Mint Spa, which holds a truly unique culture; one that beckons you to come as you are, and where you become family.

Jul 9th, 2021
Coming Soon!

We will be coming soon to the Brandermill area, near the Midlothian and Hull Street area. Watch our blog posts for more information.

Jan 21st, 2021