Emsculpt with Shirley

Sculpt your way to leaner, toner muscles with Shirley at Mint Spa. If you have been looking for someone to coach you through a noninvasive method of redefining your abdomen, buttocks, calves, arms, and thighs, look no further! She uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy to isolate strong contractions to a specific body part that is able to produce visible resultes in one session. 

Shirley is the owner and master Esthetician at Mint Spa. She has years of experience in the Natural food industry, offers her doula services to lucky pregnant women outside of the spa, and is available to help you reach your body image goals. She is always willing and ready to meet you at the present moment where you are at, without judgement.  

Jennylle Zanzi, MSN, FNP-C RVA Regenerative Wellness' CEO and Owner

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