I saw amazing results with the Prolon 5-day fasting mimicking diet, you can too!

Regular fasting has the ability to help your body auto-correct any potential disease states and heal from the inside out. Prolon makes fasting easy and simple. It is advised to complete 3 cycles, which is a 5-day Prolon fast every month for 3 months. Then regularly fast 3-4 times a year. Fasting may reverse type 2 diabetes, adjust dietary bad habits and promote a healthier lifestyle, and may reduce the risk of cancers and decrease symptoms of current disease state.  

I completed my first Prolon 5-day fasting mimicking diet with the mindset of resting these 5 days and thinking of every meal item and drink within the box as a blessing to heal my body from within. I was surprised to notice how much energy I had throughout the 5 days and I never felt hungry. On day 6, I reintroduced my body to light meals, I could sense my stomach had decreased in size and I was full from a smaller portion of food. I have fasted in the past with just juice and water, and I can report that the Prolon diet is much healthier and easier to complete. 

As a BioTE certified provider, I recommend and offer the Prolon 5-day mimicking diet to everyone seeking to make positive changes from the inside out. Ask me about starting this diet and I will work with you to make sure it is a success. 

Jennylle Zanzi, MSN, FNP-C RVA Regenerative Wellness' CEO and Owner

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