Inside the Mint Spa Culture

RVA Regenerative Wellness is located inside Mint Spa, which holds a truly unique culture; one that beckons you to come as you are, and where you become family. At the core of Mint Spa, you will find Shirley Dillaman.

Shirley is the humble owner of Mint Spa, master Esthetician, mother to Lucy "the spa dog", and one of the kindest souls on the planet. She has grown her spa business over the last decade by providing an elegant space to house small owners who are aligned with her love and passion for helping clients look and feel their best. Every individual owner inside Mint Spa interacts closely with each other under Shirley's subtle and delicate influence, all striving to achieve meeting and exceeding the unique needs and care of the Mint Spa client.

The culture and energy that has been created and witnessed by every Mint Spa small business owner and every cherished client is one that evokes the natural spirit of humanity for everyone to arrive simply as they are, and leave feeling inspired and hopeful, excited and anticipating their next visit to return home to Mint Spa!

Jennylle Zanzi, MSN, FNP-C RVA Regenerative Wellness' CEO and Owner

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Coming Soon!

We will be coming soon to the Brandermill area, near the Midlothian and Hull Street area. Watch our blog posts for more information.