Is PRP Right for Me?

Is PRP Right for Me?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a holistic approach to wellness that harnesses your body’s innate power to repair itself. Using a concentrated serum of your body’s own regenerative platelets, PRP therapy effectively accelerates healing in a specific, targeted area.

Here at RVA Regenerative Wellness in Midlothian, Virginia, Jennylle Zanzi, FNP-C, and our team offer minimally invasive PRP injections to help improve a variety of common concerns, ranging from joint pain and injury to hair loss and aging skin.

Read on as Jennylle explains how PRP works and what it can do for you.

PRP and the power of growth factors 

By volume, your blood is mostly fluid. But floating within that colorless plasma is a range of small, solid components, including red cells, white cells, and small healing cells called platelets. When you sustain a cut or internal bleeding injury, your platelets stick together to help with clotting and healing processes. But what’s the source of their regenerative power?

It’s all about the growth factors, which are molecules that can encourage cell growth. Blood platelets contain hundreds of growth factors and other highly bioactive proteins that actively encourage cellular repair and tissue regeneration. 

To harness the power of platelets and their growth factors, we must first condense them into a highly concentrated serum. It’s a simple process: After drawing a small amount of blood from your arm, we spin it in a special centrifuge machine that separates the platelets and draws them to the top of the vial, ready for use. 

Regenerate, restore, repair, and heal

Your personal PRP serum contains many times more platelets and regenerative growth factors than your normal, circulating blood. So, how can this powerful serum benefit you? In three possible ways:

Injury healing

A cutting-edge treatment of choice for sports injuries, soft tissue damage, and joint pain, PRP injections get straight to work at the target site, vigorously stimulating local stem cell activity, new blood vessel formation, connective tissue repair, and accelerated healing. 

By flooding an injured area with healing growth factors, PRP injections can help fortify weak ligaments, reduce tendon inflammation, and repair strained muscle fibers. PRP therapy is a safe and effective way to ease persistent joint pain and heal long-standing injuries from bursitis and tendonitis to sprains, strains, tears, and age-related joint degeneration.

Hair restoration

PRP and its growth factors foster intensive stem cell activity, regulate inflammation, promote new blood vessel formation, and repair soft tissues, making it an effective hair restoration solution as well. 

PRP injections treat male and female pattern baldness by stimulating hair follicles and fostering new hair growth while simultaneously preventing further hair loss. PRP is also highly effective for advancing and supporting new hair growth following a DHI hair transplant.

Skin rejuvenation

Microneedling with PRP — commonly known as a vampire facelift — combines collagen induction therapy (microneedling) with the rejuvenating effects of PRP to leave your skin stronger, tighter, smoother, and brighter in just one treatment session.

Using a pen-like device fitted with a sterile tip of ultra-thin needles, microneedling creates a uniform pattern of microchannels through your upper epidermal layers. By themselves, these tiny channels trigger a skin-transforming boost in long-lasting collagen and elastin production. 

When combined with skin-nourishing PRP, this revitalizing treatment works down to your underlying epidural tissues to help you achieve maximal facial rejuvenation results.

What can PRP therapy do for you?

PRP is safe, easy, effective, and holistic. Instead of relying on medications to ease joint pain or reverse hair loss, this all-natural treatment simply amplifies your body’s own healing potential, giving you a way to harness that potential and direct it toward a specific need. 

If you like the idea of concentrating your body’s own repair mechanisms and channeling them toward a pressing concern like joint pain, hair loss, or premature skin aging, then PRP may be the ideal solution for you. 

Whether you’re interested in learning more about PRP or you’re ready to try it out for yourself, we can help. Call or click online to schedule an appointment at RVA Regenerative Wellness in Midlothian, Virginia, today. 

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