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Little-Known Benefits of PRP Therapy

Little-Known Benefits of PRP Therapy

A-list celebrities have used it to keep their skin fresh and young. Top-tier pro athletes have used it to overcome injuries and get back in the game sooner. Even if you’ve never given much thought to other cutting-edge regenerative therapies, chances are platelet-rich plasma  (PRP) has piqued your interest.  

As a board-certified anti-aging expert who specializes in PRP, Jennylle Zanzi, FNP-C, and our team at RVA Regenerative Wellness in Midlothian, Virginia, offer a full scope of PRP injection therapy services designed to meet a diverse range of common health and wellness concerns.

Here, we discuss the ins and outs of PRP therapy, including five of its lesser-known benefits. 

The healing power of growth factors

Your body is in a constant state of regeneration and renewal. Your tissues naturally restore and replenish some of their cells every day, albeit at a gradually slower rate as you age. 

While there are numerous regenerative mechanisms involved in keeping your tissues vital and your body healthy, your circulating blood cells play a major role in supporting the entire process. When it comes to fast cellular repair and tissue renewal, platelets, your smallest blood cells, also happen to be the most potent. 

But what makes platelets such powerful regenerators? Their growth factors.  

You can see growth factor power in action when you sustain a minor cut. Your shape-shifting platelet cells rush to the injury site and release their growth factors to clot the opening. This stimulates the further release of nearby stem cells and other corrective cells to help repair the wound and restore fresh, healthy skin tissue. 

Harnessing and applying PRP potential

PRP injection therapy allows you to harness the power of platelets and their growth factors by condensing them into a highly concentrated, injectable serum.  

Obtaining the serum is quick and easy: After drawing a small blood sample from an arm vein, we spin the vial in a high-velocity centrifuge machine. This ultra-rapid spinning force readily separates the platelets and draws them to the top of the vial, ready for use. 

Your personal PRP serum has many potential healing benefits to offer. Let’s take a closer look at a few you may not know about:   

1. A versatile treatment

Just as platelets perform various regenerative and reparative functions inside your body, PRP has a range of potential and proven uses. Essentially, by concentrating some of your platelet cells into a serum and injecting it into specific areas, you can apply their natural healing powers exactly where they’ll give you the results you want. 

At RVA Regenerative Wellness, we can use PRP therapy to alleviate arthritis-related joint pain, accelerate musculoskeletal injury healing, stop hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth, boost collagen production, improve sun-damaged skin, minimize common signs of skin aging, and revitalize your complexion

2. All-natural or enhanced

Whether you’re looking for accelerated injury healing, rejuvenated skin, or hair regrowth, PRP is an all-natural, holistic treatment that can help you attain your health, cosmetic, or wellness goals without the addition of medications or chemical additives. 

Most of the time, your PRP injections only contain a concentration of platelets from your blood sample, and nothing more. However, we can also enhance the effects of PRP by blending it with UltraMint, a proprietary mixture of natural peptides and hyaluronic acid that takes PRP’s growth factor action to the next level. 

3. Safe and free of side effects

Because PRP therapy harvests platelets from your blood sample and reinjects them into the targeted treatment area using a small needle and a sterile medical process of the highest standards, it’s exceptionally safe.

PRP is an autologous injection, meaning the serum is obtained from you and reintroduced to a targeted area of your body in a single treatment session. And precisely because it is from you, there’s almost no chance your body will have a reaction to it or reject it. 

4. Anti-inflammatory power

Just as platelets naturally stimulate cellular repair and tissue regeneration, your personal PRP serum does the same. What you may not know, however, is that when a high concentration of platelets floods a specific area — as it does when PRP is injected into your skin, scalp, or joints — it has a potent calming, anti-inflammatory effect. 

For achy joints and overuse injuries, this effect can be so powerful that it delivers instant and long-lasting pain relief akin to the kind of relief provided by conventional medical interventions but in an all-natural, drug-free way. 

Find out how you can benefit from PRP 

Interested in learning more about the many benefits of PRP therapy? We can help. Call 786-224-6878 today, or use our online booking feature to schedule an appointment at RVA Regenerative Wellness in Midlothian, Virginia, any time.

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