My first pelleting experience!

I knew I wanted something natural, and I wanted something that I knew had worked well for many men and women before me... something to give me mental clarity, to help me focus without worrying or being anxious about my decisions, to give me more energy, to help me be a better mom and a better wife. I chose to get pelleted.

The pellet procedure didn't hurt, but it did leave me with a tender area on my upper buttock for the next week and I had to be aware of sleeping on my opposite side for a little while. That first month, I was hyperaware of any changes that were happening. I do not take any medicine, and I enjoy a diet of seafood, fruit and vegetables, so changes began to occur pretty quickly for me.

The first week, I noticed subtle things that made a huge impact; I was losing a lot of water weight around my mid-section with frequent trips to urinate throughout the night, I was able to easily return back to sleep without trouble, and I woke up feeling refreshed and less anxious in general.

The second and third week, a couple more subtle changes. I didn't have the worrysome thoughts or the never-ending to-do list running in the background of my mind, I was just doing what I needed to complete and felt clearer about what needed to be addressed at that moment. My kids were no longer getting the best of me; I was able to talk to them in a calm voice and handle any nuances with a soothing presence and reassurance that everything was going to be okay. My husband and I enjoyed more time together, I no longer felt that I was too busy, too distracted, or too tired anymore. 

Over the next four months, my hair had thickened, my mood had significantly improved, and my energy had increased. I was reorganizing my time in positive ways, feeling healthier, and able to start exercising again regularly. I was even surprising myself with daunting challenges, like crossing the monkey bars on the kids' playground several times back and forth without tiring (I haven't done anything like this in years, since the kids had been born). I continue to keep exploring what I am capable of doing to gain more strength, tone my muscles, and restore my happiness and wellbeing :) 

I have to admit (like I keep hearing many of my patients saying) I feel like I am in my 20's again! It's so fascinating!!

Jennylle Zanzi, MSN, FNP-C RVA Regenerative Wellness' CEO and Owner

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